..:: Terry Thomas - Agricultural Engineer / Program Management Practitioner
2014 Best Use of Rainwater -Small and Large Scale Adoptable Interventions for Thirsty World -Under review.

2012 Decentralized Governance and Sustainable Service Delivery: A case of Nenmeni Rural Water Supply Scheme; presented at national seminar on decentralized governance in water and sanitation in rural India at National Institute of Administrative Research, Mussoorie. 
Published in IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre (IRC). Tittle: Sustainable Water and Sanitation Services - The Life-Cycle Cost Approach to Planning and Management 
ISBN 978-0-415-82818, Dec 2013

2007 What makes a community managed rural water supply scheme functional and sustainable? Findings from comprehensive participatory evaluation process among “Jalanidhi” Beneficiary Groups. The findings are taken as the background for capacity building in further batches of the project.

2007 Solar Desalination for producing Drinking Water at household level - Technical note.

2006 Role of women in community managed rural water supply projects - Reflections from the time utilization study in Five Panchayats.

2006 Community Score Card for Evaluation of Water User Group. Manual for the user groups in local language to diagnose operational issues and adopt correctional practices. The manual was prepared by incorporating findings based on yearlong concurrent evaluations across 120 water user groups in Kerala state.

2006 Backwashing of Open Wells using Rainwater to Cease Salinity Issues in Coastal Areas Backwashing of open wells using rainwater- An emerging option to cease salinity issues in coastal areas- 2006. Also a booklet published in local language.

2005 Regeneration of Homestead Fresh Water Systems using Sunlight, Rainwater and Biodiversity -Outcome of action research through community partnerships in shallow water table areas, as co-author.

2004 Rainwater Harvesting Manual for Kerala State, Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency as co-author.

2003 Water Resources Development Model in Humid Topics - Experiences from Wayanad District of Kerala State -A case study presented at the “National Seminar on Hydrology of Small Watersheds” conducted by Centre for Water Resources Development and Management (CWRDM), Calicut.

2001 An evaluation of the relative merits of Large versus Small Scale Irrigation Projects. 
Analyzed various situational factors conducive for achievement of operational effectiveness in completed irrigation projects (small verses large scale), and how effectively irrigation benefits were produced. Also examined influence by project scale, unit cost, beneficiary participation levels, with special reference to developing and lesser developed countries. Work carried out as thesis work for Master of Science in Agribusiness Management from Imperial College, University of London.

1995 Dairy waste recycling- Use in vermicomposting with earthworms and cow dung in different ratios. Work assessed feasibility of utilizing two species of earthworms in decomposing solid dairy waste to organic manure and evaluated most appropriate decomposition ratios. The study was later presented at presented at the annual conference of Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers-1995, as well, project work for Bachelor of Technology in Agricultural Engineering, Allahabad University.